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Bankruptcy Cartersville Attorney

Cartersville Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is used to discharge debts, which means you will no longer be legally obligated to pay those debts. It has both income and equity limits. One myth about bankruptcy is that you can not keep your home, cars, or personal property. This is not the case. There are bankruptcy exemptions that can protect your property. Chapter 7 is usually a good fit for someone who has a lot of unsecured debt and not many assets.

In order to file Chapter 7, you must qualify by taking what is known as the "Means Test." This test will look at your income, debts, and property to determine if you can file. Determining eligibility is a complicated process and you need to consult an Cartersville Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney to guide you through this process and avoid any additional fees or complications.

To find out what it costs to file Chapter 7, visit our cost to file page.

If you need information on filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, do not hesitate to call us today at (770)334-8574. We are also available by email, or you can fill out our free case evaluation.

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