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Bankruptcy Cartersville Attorney

Cost of Filing Bankruptcy in Cartersville

Cartersville Bankruptcy Attorney

At the Law Office of Antonio B. Mari, we try to make our services as affordable as possible to those who need representation. We are a very small, family-owned firm which means we are able to keep our costs down. That savings is passed on to you in the form of affordable bankruptcy fees.

Some firms will do everything they can to not give you an honest estimate before you come in for an initial meeting. This is done because they think if they can get you in the door, they can "sell" you on their services. This is not how we do business. We want you to call around and check prices, so you will feel confident that you are getting the best service at the most affordable price.

Every situation is unique, so we can not tell exactly what your cost will be until we do a thorough analysis of your financial situation; however, we can give you a idea. Below is a list of what our basic fees and other bankruptcy fees will cost you.

Chapter 7

For a basic Chapter 7 case, we charge $1,150. This includes the cost to pull all three credit reports, the filing fee of $306, and preparation and filing of the petition. You can retain our firm and get started on the petition with a $100 retainer. The balance due of $1050 must be paid in full within 30 days. PLEASE NOTE: ALL fees must be PAID IN FULL before we can file the bankruptcy petition.

Chapter 13

The fees for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can vary but usually start around $2500. The amount of our fee is paid within the Chapter 13 plan itself. This means that you only have to pay us $500 before filing to cover the filing fee & other administrative costs to get the petition filed. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are much more complicated than a Chapter 7, and the actual price will vary from case to case depending on the complexity.

Credit Counseling & Debtor Education Classes

In addition, each debtor filing bankruptcy is also responsible for taking a pre-filing credit counseling course and a post-filing debtor education course. We have found a company that only charges $20 for both. Unlike some other firms, we do not mark this price up. We will give you the company name, and you will pay them directly. We receive no money whatsoever from these classes.

Possible Fees in Complex Cases

The fees stated above are for straightforward cases with no special circumstances. Sometimes if a case has issues, such as taxes, lien stripping, adversarial proceedings, etc., there may be additional fees. We have put together a list of some additional fees that can arise in complicated cases, but remember these fees are not always necessary.

The basic fees do not include:

  • Tax Transcripts $20
  • Property Valuation Report $20
  • Motions to Avoid Liens $125
  • Home Appraisals $350 (Please note: this amount may vary depending on your location, but we always try to get the best possible rate when a full appraisal is needed.)
  • Adversarial Proceedings $200 per hour (an example would be if someone objected and a hearing had to be held)
  • Tax Liens are a complicated matter and will be billed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Stripping a second mortgage $400

If you have any questions about our fees or need to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (770)334-8574 or email us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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